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15720 Air Handling Units
  23 70 00 Central HVAC Equipment
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AAON: High Quality Air or Water Cooled DX Rooftop, Split System and Self Contained Products, Custom AHUs, Air / Water Cooled and Evap Condensing Chillers, Prefab Chiller and Boiler Mechanical Rooms, Energy Recovery and DOAS, Heat Pump and Pool Units.

ABB: Global leader in power and automation technologies that enable utility and industry customers to improve their performance while lowering environmental impact.

AURORA PUMPS: Centrifugal Pumps, Booster Pump Packages, Vertical Turbines and more.

CARRIER: Water Cooled Chillers, Air Handling Units, Fan Coils

CLIMATEMASTER: The world's largest and most progressive manufacturer of geothermal heat pumps.

COSATRON: Electronic air purification technology.

DUCTSOX: DuctSox is a Manufacturer of Textile Air Dispersion Products for Open and Finished Ceiling Architecture, Critical Environments, and Under Floor Applications.

Energy Labs: The premium manufacturer of custom air handling, Air cooled, and evaporative cooled roof top DX units, Indirect and Direct Evaporative Cooling and energy recovery systems.

ENVIRO-TEC: VAV systems, fan coil units, air handling units, vertical stacked heat pumps

ETF: Pre-insulated low, medium, and high temperature piping systems.

EVAPCO: Cooling Towers, Closed Circuit Coolers, Evaporative Condensers, Cooling Tower Parts, Ice Storage Systems.

EVAPTECH: Field Erected Cooling Towers.

FLOW CONTROL: Industrial Grade, Pressure Independent Flow Control Valves.

GOVERNAIR: Custom Air Handling Units, Central Plants, Chillers, Custom Packaged Equipment.

HUNTAIR: High Quality Custom Air Handling Units, Originator of Fan Wall Technology, Clean Room Duty Air Handling Products.

JOHNSON AIR ROTATION: High volume low velocity air circulation air handling units for large open spaces(warehouses, manufacturing facilities, etc).

LG HVAC: High efficiency VRF (variable refrigerant flow), Duct-Free, Art Cool, PTAC systems. Air cooled and water cooled multi-zone heating, cooling, and heat recovery systems.

LOCHINVAR: The most advanced high-efficiency water heaters, copper fin and stainless steel condensing boilers, and solar thermal systems on the market today.

MAMMOTH: Custom Penthouse Units, Evaporative Condensing Packaged Roof Mounted Units, Indoor Packaged Units, Water Source Heat Pumps.

MARLO: High quality, customizable Water Softening and Water Treatment Systems.

MUNTERS: Integrated custom air handling units including Indirect / Direct evaporative cooling technology, pool dehumidification, dedicated outdoor air handling units, energy recovery ventilators and heat exchangers, custom DX solutions.

NAMCO: Packaged Pumping Systems for HVAC, Domestic Water Pressure Booster, Municipal Applications.

NEXUS VALVE: Pressure Independent Flow Limiting Valves, Manual Flow Control. Unions, Strainers, Combo Valves, Coil Paks, Hose Paks. Vales and Accessories from 1/2" to 48"

NORTEC: Electrode, Resistance, and Gas Fired Self Generating Steam Generators, Direct Injection, Multiple Manifold, Short Absorption Systems

NORTEK AIR SOLUTIONS: Custom HVAC Manufacturers: Eaton Williams, Governair, Huntair, Mammoth, Temtrol, Venmar, Ventrol, Webco

PULSE PURE BY EVAPCO: Advanced Non-Chemical Water Treatment Technology.

PUROFLUX: Centrifugal Solid Separators, Cooling Tower Cleaning Systems, Sand Type Water Filtration Systems, Custom Pumping and Heat Exchanger Skids.

Pietro Fiorentini : High Turn Down Gas Pressure Regulators

TACO: Centrifugal Pumps, Inline Circulators, Expansion Tanks, Air Separators, Multi-Purpose Valves, Balancing Valves, Heat Exchangers.

TEMTROL: High Quality Modular and Custom Air Handling Units, Fan Coils, ETL, Double Wall, Indoor, Outdoor, Multizone. Standard and Custom Replacement Coils.

THERMADUCT: A pre-engineered duct system that incorporates the duct, insulation and cladding all in one high performance product.

THERMOFLO: Steam to water and water to water heat exchangers, domestic water heaters, clean steam generators, deaerator systems, replacement tube bundles, solar hot water systems, steam and water to water heat exchangers.

TRANTER: Highly Efficient Plate & Frame Heat Exchangers.

VENMAR: High Quality Modular and Custom Air Handling Units.

VENTROL: Packaged Equipment and Air Handlers with Heat Recovery for Outside Air.

WEBCO: Custom Air Handling Units and Packaged Equipment.